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Maraki By all accounts, Maraki was a formidable sorceress before she attempted to achieve supreme elemental power. Few stood before her and lived to tell the tale. And while her elemental ritual failed, it was not completely without success. She alone has access to the artefacts you seek, and will have to be bested if your quest is to succeed. Read the Full Story
The Challenge Though blind to the dungeon dimension, you are not alone. A pair of advisors will be able to guide you through the dungeon and assist you in your decisions. In your quest, you will meet with dungeon denizens both fair and foul as they aid or hinder your progress. Your success in the mission depends entirely upon your wit, intelligence and cunning as you beat puzzles, overcome obstacles and battle foes to free yourself from your dungeon prison. Read the Full Story
Aegis Quest Aegis Quest is an online live-action role-playing game for teams of three people. Each season a number of teams take it in turns to beat the dungeon and affect the environment in which they find themselves temporarily imprisoned. The story of their attempts is largely controlled by the players themselves and will be available for download in episodic format. Read the Full Story
Escape the Dungeon You have been magically teleported to a mystical dungeon. Two obvious means of escape exist. The first is to navigate a near-infinite number of caverns filled with deadly traps, dangerous puzzles and devious entities to find one of four elemental artefacts that control the dungeon. Further complicating matters is that the four artefacts are in the control of the uncooperative, megalomaniac sorceress, Maraki. On the other hand, the alternative means of escape is death. Read the Full Story

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