Linguistics: How to pronounce Ægis Quest

There's been quite a lot of discussion surrounding the pronunciation of our title. So, we thought we'd investigate further and see if we could get to the bottom of the challenge we've unwittingly set ourselves.

Ægis Quest includes a ligature that became known as an ash. Since we don’t all own keyboards from Scandinavia, where in some countries it is denominated as a letter, you'll frequently find this written in standardised letters.

It is commonly thought that the emphasis of the pronunciation falls upon the 'E', to produce a sound such as that heard in 'shEEp' or 'sEEn'. Hence, we had been working under the pronunciation of 'Ee-jiss'.

However, an expert in linguistics has shed further light on this for us, suggesting that the ash actually produces a sound equivalent to the capital 'A'. So, until the next round of linguistic intervention, we’re now 'Ey-jiss'. In all, it's not too distance from 'ages', which, after all, has a nice synergy to it.

Everything clear? Excellent!