Super Advanced Cave Construction

This screenshot shows the cave which is almost in a state of completion. The cave has been textured and lit and is now awaiting a couple more objects before it's nicely completed and the puzzle is all finished.

And it's rather pretty looking now!

[UPDATE]: I've put in a slightly more updated image which shows the texture having been tiled. It looks much more photorealistic here.

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Advanced Cave Construction

This screenshot shows a slightly more refined cave than before, with a small addition; The strangely hexagon shaped blocks in the centre of the room should inspire fear in to the hearts of many people. They certainly will if we remove the floor!

The cave still lacks some textures , but you should now get some idea as to what the finished room will look like from this angle. As well as what it will do!

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Lighting effects

Here's a demonstration of some of the lighting effects that we are capable of. Although we aren't anything like modern FPS engines, we can still do some pretty things even with our live gameplay client (ie. before we add any post production special effects). As with some other screenshots, this is also part of our test area.

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Cave construction

This is a screenshot of the construction of a cave area. The software being used for this particular area is Blender and although the cave is currently untextured, you can see the nice organic smoothness of the walls.

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Test area view

This is a screenshot of our test area that we use for testing Ægis Quest. It is basically a quake 3 level with extra lighting points added. Being large and having a complex design, it allows us to quickly test that the system is working as intended.

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